Another Way To Ban Skype

Looking for a way to Ban Skype? IS Decisions is offering a freeware solution to rid corporate networks of the free P2P VoIP client.

While Skype is a great way for end users to enter the world of VoIP telephony, some IT managers see it as something of a plague infesting their secure corporate networks, potentially exposing critical company resources to the outside world.

According to some reports, implementations on machines with good processing power and high bandwidth allocations, can see Skype set itself up as a some kind of superserving softswitch, handling calls not only from your own employees, but from any number of smaller downstream users.

If this uncontrollable bandwidth usage is not enough to scare you, there’s been much discussion about the potential security flaws in the client software. Since Skype treats its product as a commercial piece of software, it doesn’t let out a great deal of information that might temper the fears of security analysts.

The trouble is that Skype is a Peer to Peer networking system, it’s actually built by the same developers who designed the infamous file sharing client Kazaa. When it sets up a VoIP call it establishes an encrypted tunnel over the Internet and through any firewall deployed to protect the network.

As it is deliberately designed to bypass firewalls, the software is increasingly accused of presenting an unaceptable security threat as the encrypted data is difficult to monitor for potential security breaches.

VoIPnews has nothing against Skype, we use it here from time to time, but for some IT managers it represents an unwanted service on their networks. So how do you Ban Skype?

Users will be users and on a large network it’s a tiresome task to monitor new installations and get rid of them.

More and more options are becoming available, and considering the number of hits this site gets to related Skype killing stories, it seems there’s plenty of demand for a solution.

It’s a notion Skype would rather not see get too much airplay though. Earlier this year the company was accused of heavy-handedness after it stopped an anti-Skype solution provider using Google AdWords to market itself.

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