5 Tips on How to Pick the Most Suitable Autodialer for Your Business

pick the best autodialer

Autodialer has become the quintessential necessity for call centers if they are looking for really juicing out their sales, support and marketing teams. Widely used in areas of customer retention and lead generation, autodialer software allows call centers to improve their profits and help cost-cutting by decreasing the standard operational time taken to get a task done.

But in order to avail the myriad of benefits of an autodialer, it is essential to make the right choice; choose an autodialer the suits your business the best. In fact, it is so important that the difference between a failed business and a successful one might solely be on the selection of the right software.

Every business has its own uniqueness; it has its own targets, own aspirations, own intended target audiences and definitely its own set of product types and lead sources. To meet all of these distinct needs, there are different types of call centers available on the market. anyone can select an automatic dialer on the basis of their own criteria.

Where finding an autodialer that suits your business’s requirements can double or even triple the effectiveness of your call center, finding the wrong type could be equally disastrous or even worse.

The following blog is a look at the various types of autodialer software available out there and would help you understand things better when opting for the one that suits your choice the best.

So, what basically is an autodialer?

As the name suggests, it is a software capable of automatically failing telephone numbers on behalf of the agents. These pre-fed numbers when dialed automatically, save a significant amount of agent time and boosts productivity. The software can also be programmed to leave pre-recorded messages. Over the course of time, and more features added to it, the software is now more sophisticated than ever and does a great deal of aid to the agents.

Let’s take a brief look at the auto-dialing software currently available:

Predictive Dialer

As the name suggests, the predictive dialer software is capable of dialing phone numbers and routing the connected phone calls to available agents. To do so, it makes use of an algorithm that allows it to make the outbound calls at the right time. This results in a reduced drop rate as well as an improved agent talk time.

The same algorithm also factors in the number of calls that were unable to connect and the amount of time spent by an agent on a call. It then dials numbers, so the call gets connected by the time an agent is done with his previous call.

All these factors make predictive dialer an efficient and quick way to reach out to a wide spectrum of customers with minimal idle time, making it a worthy option for call centers whose operations are based on telemarketing, sales, and political campaigns, etc.

Progressive Dialer

A progressive dialer shared many of its attributes with a predictive dialer, except for one distinguishing trait; it only dials a number when it ensures that an agent is available to take the call. Once it is done with connecting the call, the dialer then routes the same to the agents and waits until the agent is done with the call and ready to take the next one.

Preview Dialer

What the preview dialer basically do is allow the agent to preview a client’s details before it dials the call. This preview ensures that the agent is better equipped with information about the client and thus is more confident and capable of making a sale. Agents can skip the preview if they want to.

The preview dialer software is the greenlight for call centers that are engaged in complex sales. In a complex sale, when an agent is pre-equipped with necessary pieces of information, he is better prepared to handle the sale and has many improved chances of coming up with a constructive outcome.

Tips for Selection of Most Suitable Autodialer for You

Below are some tips and tricks that should always be kept in mind when you are looking for the perfect dialer as per your needs and requirements

Size of the Company

If you are an elaborate setup with an inclusive number of agents, it is better that you opt for a predictive dialer, since you would want to reach out to a larger number of people. With a predictive dialer, your agents would be able to take their reach to the max and also ensures minimal agent idleness.

Although, when you are running a small or medium-sized business, the picture changes. In such a case you would mainly be dealing with high-quality leads, thus a preview dialer would be the best option for you. with every call an agent makes, the preview dialer would amplify the chance of a sale to the max.

Features Required

When choosing an auto dialer software, it is best to decide on the basis of the functions that you want in it. This would help choose the right outbound dialer for your call center. For this, list down the features of the auto-dialer that you need. Once you have prepared a list, it would be much easier for you to select the call center that suits your needs.

For instance, if you are in need of a dialer with IVR, campaign management and speech recognition, along with the ability to preview the client’s information, preview dialer would be the best one for you to opt for.

Nature of your Calls

The nature of your calls is another important factor that you need to consider when choosing software for your call center. If your agents are calling a high-value client, you cannot afford to drop a call at any point. Thus, in such a case, a progressive dialer is best for you since it only starts dialing a call once it ensures that an agent is available to take it.

In contrast, if your call center operation is based on a sales call or cold calls, or even telemarketing, your best bet would be a predictive dialer. It has the ability to estimate the percentage of the unsuccess rate of a call and it dials to makes up for it by connecting live calls to the agents as soon as the call is connected.

Considering your Audience

In order to select the most suitable auto dialer for your call center, it is necessary that you take your audience base into consideration. For instance, you need to consider questions like is your customer base from a single country or multinational, how big is your customer base, what are the different dynamics that factor into it, etc.? asking such questions to yourself would help you determine a better option. For example, if you have a large customer base, a predictive dialer software would be the best for you.

Easy Integration with CRM

One of the last but not the least, CRM is another critical feature that you should be on the lookout while making a choice for an autodialer. The CRM holds all the customer’s contact data, and the software should be able to deliver speedy and upfront admittance to the aforementioned data through a single interface.

Autodialer software with integrated CRM will display brief yet decisive details about the customer on the agent’s screen. The agent would thus be able to gather information related to the client’s profile like past tickets etc. using a single interface and would have much better shots not only at driving a better conversation with the customer but also at making a sale.


Bear in mind that choosing the right auto dialer is enormously critical for your organization’s survival. It can help your business soar sky-high with unprecedented rates, keeping you ahead of your competition. While failing to make the right choice can make your business come crashing down. While making a decision about the right software, make sure the above tips are encoded in your head.

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