UPDATE: MyNetFone Goes Sky High To Offer Satellite VoIP

Regional and rural Australia can now access MyNetFone’s Voice over IP network using satellite. Satellite-based VoIP promises considerable savings for remote Australian communities.

“This is a tremendous milestone and achievement for us”, says Andy Fung, Managing Director of MyNetFone. “The transmission of voice over satellite circuits has traditionally been problematic, let alone with new technology like VoIP.

“Together with our partner, URSYS, our team has overcome all the technical problems and we can now provide VoIP services over satellite successfully and reliable.

“This has opened up a huge and yet untapped market for MyNetFone to deliver its service to mining towns, remote and rural settlements. The market potential for our VoIP service is huge, especially overseas with satellite coverage around the globe.”

USYS develops and operates information networks for education, finance and commercial organisations specialising in broadband virtual private networks not only over satellite but over other wireless and cable networks.

“We are excited with this achievement and are very proud to partner with MyNetFone. They are a team of true professionals who are experts in VoIP and are very responsive to our needs. The delivery of VoIP is a critical component of our convergent solution over satellite as our customers demand a totally integrated voice and data service offering,” says Graham Cover, Chief Executive Officer of URSYS.

“The success of this has now attracted enquiries from all parts of Australia as well as from overseas for our service and technology,” says Graham Cover, Chief Executive Officer of URSYS,” he said.


UPDATE: While VoIP News was aware of other Australian VoIP over satellite providers at the time of writing, our initial statement that “MyNetFone is the first mainstream VoIP services provider to announce a service via satellite to the Australian marketplace.” has caused some discussion on the meaning of “mainstream”.
MyNetFone is certainly not the very first VoIP provider to offer satellite services to the Australian market. Whether it, or any of the other companies providing such services, can be considered ‘mainstream’ is clearly debatable in this context.

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