Microsoft SME VoIP System In Beta

Microsoft has announced three hardware partners in its push to dominate the small business telephony market starting from 2008. Though there’s little surprise that the Cisco-owned SME hardware maker, Linksys, is missing from the list of a partner, what is more, surprising is that leading SME hardware maker NETGEAR isn’t among them and Quanta is.
Most small business readers will no doubt be asking who Quanta is, but as a leading player in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) market and possibly the world’s largest maker of notebook computers, Quanta knows a thing or two about device manufacturing.

Also on the list is D-Link with its DVX-2000 and Uniden with a device called Evolo. Like these two devices, the Quanta Syspine phone system is, or will be a turnkey small business VoIP system when it becomes available later this year.

Microsoft has announced the systems code-named “Response Point” and with its partners is putting them out in the market as beta systems. The systems come in an easy-to-install box, supports both voice over IP (VoIP) and traditional phone lines, and includes a voice-activated user interface, according to a company statement. The Beta 2 release of “Response Point” is scheduled for early April.

The idea is that the device should be easy enough to install and configure that a small-business customer can manage system changes themselves.

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