Microsoft SME VoIP System In Beta [Update 1]

The “Response Point” phone system software makes the voice communications experience much easier for end-users. “The ‘Response Point’ voice commands and speech-enabled auto-attendant will offer users a powerful experience that differs radically from other small-business phone systems on the market,” said RichTosi, president of Uniden America Corp.

“A small-business employee can press one button on the handset of a cordless phone and then access anyone in the company directory, anyone in his Outlook contacts, and a range of calling features with a few simple words. That is very powerful user experience.”

Recognizing that phone systems are a critical part of day-to-day operations for small businesses, the “Response Point” team created a specialized architecture designed to optimize system reliability. “We worked closely with the ‘Response Point’ team to develop the QuantaSyspine phone system,” said Mike Yang, vice president of Quanta Computer Inc. “‘Response Point’ makes Syspine an intelligent, turnkey solution and complements our strengths in hardware design and engineering.”

“Response Point” is one of the strategic initiatives supporting Microsoft’s vision for VoIP communications. “The ‘Response Point’ voice-enabled user interface is a great example of how innovative new technology can be applied to solve everyday customer problems,” said RickRashid, senior vice president of Research at Microsoft.

In addition to “Response Point,” Microsoft delivers an extensible, software-based VoIP foundation through Office Communications Server 2007 and Office Communicator 2007. Microsoft will distribute the public beta versions of Communications Server 2007 and Communicator 2007 later this month.

Microsoft Response Point Features

  • Phone and service configuration wizards
  • Phone auto-discovery
  • One-touch voice commands
  • Automated Receptionist
  • Built-in voicemail
  • Voicemail to e-mail forwarding
  • Incoming call notifications on your PC
  • Microsoft Outlook contact integration
  • Two-click backup and restore

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