CounterPath Gets Pretty Good Privacy With ZFone

SIP softphone developer, CounterPath, has teamed up with PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) founder Phil Zimmermann to integrated better security into the eyeBeam and X-Lite softphones.
Zimmermann’s security and privacy solution is known as Zfone will become an option in the CounterPath softphones. The agreement adds a new level of security to CounterPath’s VoIP softphone thanks to the Zfone media encryption.

using a protocol called ZRTP the system avoids the need for a cumbersome PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) to achive security between two peer-to-peer callers.

CounterPath, which provides softphones for some big service providers and vendors such as Cisco, Lucent, AT&T, British Telecom and Deutsche Telekom, as well as offering its own free downloadable softphone will significantly increase VoIP security levels for its customers and end users.

Enterprises, service providers and infrastructure manufacturers deploying these softphones will benefit from protection from security threats such as Spam, Denial-of-Service attacks, eavesdropping, spying and wiretapping, while enjoying the same level of security and convenience that they have come to expect from email.

“As communications-over-IP proliferates, there is increased concern over security of information, especially in enterprise environments where incidences of corporate espionage are becoming more prevalent,” said Donovan Jones, President and COO of CounterPath.

“We expect this collaboration to positively impact the commercial viability of softphones and play an important role in how corporations protect their intellectual property.”

“The ZRTP protocol turns CounterPath’s popular soft VoIP clients into serious secure telephones,” commented Phil Zimmermann.

“With Zfone built into X-Lite and eyeBeam, they will now be secure telephones for the masses, and will be welcomed into the ever-growing interoperable ZRTP user community.”

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