First All-You-Can-Eat Mobile Calls

Aggressive ISP and VoIP Service provider, gotalk continues to put pressure on its competitors, this time offering the unthinkable – ‘unlimited’ calls to mobiles. In fact with the company’s new plans you also get unlimited local and National Calls for just $14.95 a month.

Of course there are limits. All gotalk plans are subject to a fair use policy applies to all plans. These allow the company to cancel you account if you exceed what they believe is reasonable usage of the service. In the case of the goVoIP Aussie pack with free mobile calls this would come into effect if your calls exceeded 300 local or 300 national calls or 100 calls to mobiles, or a total 1,000 minutes a month. That’s only a little over three mobile calls a day.

The policy states that the company may contact you if you undertake an unusually high use of the service, or may simply suspend or cancel your service.

With the goVoIP world pack, if your international calls exceed 100 calls to IDD destinations, or 6,000 minutes, you run the risk of being cut off. The company also reserves the right to change the policy without notice.

However, it’s a step rurther than any other AUstralian VOIP provider has been willing to go. gotalk CEO Steve Picton said that while Optus Fusion offer unlimited calls to mobiles that only includes Optus mobiles, which can be quite confusing as it is almost impossible for a customer to know if the call he or she is making is to another Optus mobile. “This is why gotalk has launched the “go VoIP Aussie Pack” to include unlimited calls to all Australian mobiles, without restriction.”

In all the company announced 3 new VoIP plans targeting the entry level, international callers and general usage including mobile calls.

gotalk’s new VoIP plans in detail:

  • go VoIP Aussie pack $14.95 Call value inclusions: unlimited local, national and mobile calls

Call rates:
Local/national: FREE
Mobile: FREE
Happy Hour applies: free gotalk to gotalk VoIP calls between 6pm – 7pm AEST everyday
Geo number is included

  • go VoIP value pack $4.95

$5.00 included call credit – eligible call types are local, national and mobile
Call credit cannot be used for international calls or calls to 1300, 1900, 0055
Call rates:
Local/national: 14.9 cents per call
Mobile: 24.9 cents per minute
Geo number is included

  • go VoIP World pack – $9.95

Customers on both go VoIP value pack or go VoIP Aussie pack have the option to pay an extra $9.95 and get the extra benefits of go VoIP World pack. Provides calls to 20 countries for free and 20 countries for 20c untimed.

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