Study Finds 95 Of VoIP Traffic Is Skype

German traffic management company, ipoque, has released a study that shows 95 per cent of all Internet VoIP traffic is Skype traffic. The study was conducted in five regions during August and September 2007 and looked also at P2P traffic, video streaming, instant messaging (IM) and file hosting.

The study looked at three petabytes of anonymous data representing over one million users in Australia, Eastern Europe, Germany, the Middle East and Southern Europe and found that the results for these different regions vary considerably.

Of the IP Telephony results, iPoque said that Voice over IP (VoIP) is used by 30 percent of all users with Skype by far the most popular. But although it has “become a commodity application” it still only accounts for one percent of the Internet traffic.

It fingered Skype’s ability to get around restrictive network practices such as firewalling as a significant factor in its success. Skype has many built-in mechanisms to automatically deal with such network conditions and to offer an as seamless as possible operation in most environments, says the report.

“The success of this strategy is reflected in the analysis results. They show that 30% of all monitored Internet users in Germany use Skype. In the Middle East, the number is with only 7% much lower. SIP follows far behind with only 1% users in Germany and in the Middle East. The user numbers for H.323 and IAX are negligible,” says the report.

NB. Of course the study apparently looked at public Internet traffic so would not have counted the large volumes of VoIP traffic carried across private and 3rd party networks.

An extended abstract of the study is available at The entire version can also be obtained for a fee of 190 Euros.

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