Top 5 Auto Dialer Software Picks for 2020

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An oft-quoted phrase goes as “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it at least once”. In the fast-paced world of today, where every new second brings forth a new scientific revelation, it is virtually impossible for anything to stay untouched or unchallenged by a newer, better method or technology.

Telecommunication is one such domain that has survived and withstood the onslaught of rapid modernization for decades and is still considered as one of the most excellent marketing methods to generate income using sales. Now it won’t be any farther from the truth if we say that there have been no changes in telemarketing strategies during this period of time. Although it is necessary to mention that the changes that have actually taken place did change the strategies for good. Automatic calling software, more commonly known as auto dialer software is the very fruit of the evolution of telemarketing.

If you happen to be an individual from the sales field, let’s say a sales manager or have somebody employed for the same job, the task would definitely revolve around making hundreds if not thousands of calls a week – undoubtedly a daunting task.

Automatic dialing software comes in handy in such cases and automatically dial the numbers and connect the calls to you only after certifying that a potential customer (live person) is on the other side that has answered the call.

this way, you have no reason to worry about dialing all the numbers manually and you can keep yourself focused on meeting deadlines and generating sales to a larger number of clients every day.

Before you go out in the market looking for the best-auto dialing software, make sure to consider a couple of things first before finalizing any purchase. Like every other field, the auto-dialer software should be based on your requirements and needs. Rendering to your particular needs, double-check if the software you are purchasing, has the capability to offer features like CMR integration, predictive dialing, inbound call routing, fixed dialing functionalities and voice broadcasting, etc.

Grab a piece of paper and make a note about all the features you want in your auto-dialer to have. Once you are done making a draft of all your required features, now its time to probe the list of best auto-dialers and predictive dialers for marketing agencies and call centers.

1. NCH Express Dial – Popular auto dialer software

NCH Express dial is a premium automatic dialing software that comes with a 14-day trial. However, after your trial you can choose to upgrade to the premium plan, $29.99 is the price that you can begin with. Nevertheless, you can also opt for the NCH telephone software suite which comprises of all types of automatic calling and call center recording software.

Express Dial, in a nutshell, is an automatic predictive dialer that sequentially allows the dialing of a pre-fed list of phone numbers. This software works ideally for environments that require an elaborate list of phone numbers that need to be dialed on a daily basis.

The software can also be brought to use as a call receiver with a welcome message template, and a customer collector to make sales calls along with conducting customer research surveys. Express dial is also great for use as an add-on for Express Talk, another call center recording program from the same, NCH software company.

NCH Express Dial has a simple user interface that makes the program easy to use and allows the creation of a new contact list where the user can add, edit and dial contacts without any fuss or complications. The users can even mention the statuses of different phone numbers and assign notes to any of the desired contacts.

2.VT dialer – No 1 auto dialer software

VT dialer

looking for a hosted auto dialer software solution to generate sales and leads, and that can keep you in contact with the customers 24/7? Say hello to the VT dialer. Furthermore, the application is also great for companies whose day to day operations revolve around debt collection and voice broadcasting. VT dialer software is built from scratch and sports a myriad of features like IVR broadcasting, which allows the user to reach thousands of customers simultaneously to generate quick leads and sales. The live call transfer feature allows bypassing of dropped calls and busy signals and connects only to the live users. Other features include automatic scheduling of outbound campaigns to start, stop or restart your campaign anytime. Furthermore, VT dialer permits the user sports a user-friendly agent portal where they can easily monitor and optimize the performance through an online dashboard. The users are able to import contact lists, add numbers in the DNC and monitor in real-time. The price range starts from 179 dollars a month.

3.Axon VoIP PBX with Axon Agent – Auto dialer

axon voip pbx

If you are a small outbound customer service center or call center making calls for feedback of charitable donation and political campaigns etc., then the Axon VoIP PBX with Axon Agent might be the best solution for you out there.

 This is not an auto dialing software but rather an add-on for Axon Virtual PBX. The Axon Agent allows the users to literally juice out the max potential of the auto dialer’s functionality and place automatic calls using a predictive dialer.

You can save a significant amount of money with the Axon Virtual PBX since it allows the placement of VoIP calls, reducing the phone bills to a noteworthy level.  Depending on the plan, the software can easily connect up to 64 telephone lines simultaneously. The business edition of the software costs 99 dollars and comes included with the Axon Agent Add-on which the user needs to download separately.

The users can create agents from the control panel and each agent can be assigned with an independent calling list and campaign. The campaigns have a script feature that displays the information on the agent’s screen during the conversation with the client.

Apart from the placement of outbound calls, the IMS on-hold player comes in handy to play on-hold music for calls on hold. Furthermore, you can forward or transfer calls to concerned departments or superior agents and set up multiple instances on a network for operating a call center. Axon Agent auto dialer software is great for decomplicating the matter of placing automated calls as well as avoiding redundancy by keeping tabs on dialed numbers. This feature takes productivity to an upper level. The program comes with a 14-day trial for the users to try and be content with its features before making a purchase.

4. CallFire Voice Broadcast System

callfire auto dialer

CallFire is undoubtedly one of the most elaborate solutions out there with tons of texting and automated calling solutions as well as a number of plans. Their basic tier plans start from as low as 99 dollars and can go high up to their Pro plan that costs 599 dollars. Furthermore, there is another option for a pay as you go plan, which is the perfect solution for companies that do not need bulk calling or texting options.

With CallFire’s voice broadcasting system, the users can place calls to multiple telephone numbers simultaneously. The system is capable of filtering out bad numbers, busy signals and dropped calls for maximum efficiency. These features make CallFire a perfect choice for companies that need to send out billing and overdue reminders for unpaid invoices etc.

If the program identifies an answering machine, it leaves a pre-recorded voice message. However, when a live person attends the call, the call directly connects to the sales manager. If your company is conducting research or running a campaign, CallFire can aid with polls and surveys without and human assistance or interference required.

The setup for the CallFire software is easy; the users have to initiate with setting up the call recording and scripts for the campaign. The contact list should be uploaded in CSV or XLS format and the automated campaign time can be scheduled is not only cost-effective but good for new users too. An individual with no prior knowledge or experience of dealing with cloud-based auto-dialers can get acquainted with the software within no more than a couple of sessions.

 5. EVS Dolphin Power Dialer

EVS dolphin power dialer

If your business happens to fall in the category of call centers, an insurance company, a marketing agency or a similar small business, then EVS Dolphin Power dialer is the solution for you. the program permits the user to systematize the calling process to reach a wider range of potential customers in a smaller period of time.

Unlike other auto dialer software on our list, EVS is pretty different and costs a whopping 89 dollars per month. But the reason behind that it offers unlimited calls to the United States of America and Canada. The user can change the caller id to any American or Canadian phone number he owns.

The working principles of Dolphin Power Dialer are pretty simple. The user needs to import the contacts list onto the dialer and that’s it. Once done, he can start the dialing process.

If the call is answered by a live person, the user can start interacting with the live person and present the sales pitch reading from a pre-written script. If the call is answered by a voice mail machine, the user has the choice of leaving a pre-recorded message with the client’s name so they can reach the user back.

Another great feature of this power dialer is that it comes with a popular CRM integration including Leadmastrer CRM, Less Annoying CRM as well as Zoho CRM. Once the leads are found, the reports are ready to be sent to the CRM for follow-ups.

Dolphin Power Dialer allows instant follow up via email to potential customers, quick call transfer and distribution, conference call functionality and monitoring of sales agents.

The user can request a free demo and the free trial would be enough to provide a fair idea of Dolphin power dialer’s suitability according to the user’s requirements.

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