Top Five Autodialer Software for Small Businesses in 2020

top 5 autodialer software

Autodialer software is typically used for cold calling by companies whose operations revolve around sales generation. We took an in-depth view at a range of auto dialer software and shortlisted the top five based on features including price, call routing and analytics and customer support to determine the ones that made it to our list of top five auto-dialers for small businesses in 2020.

How did we Evaluate the best Autodialer Software?

The characteristics that define a good auto dialer software include are pretty basic: the software should save money and time by automating the dialing process. The auto dialer software is programmed to play pre-fed messages when stumbling upon answering machines, and skip busy lines and non-serviceable numbers while routing live calls to agents in real-time. Using an autodialer guarantees an increase in call connection ratio, ultimately leading to improved sales and higher agent efficiency.

The factors we based our evaluation on were:

  • Price

The dialers we evaluated offered plans on a tiered pricing basis, features included and the number of users. To ensure fair evaluation of companies, we based our comparison on a per-user foundation on a similar basis.

  • Call Automation

The companies we considered had features to offer like preview dialing, workflow automation, automated lead scoring but we also took into account other features like automatic call routing to the next available agent.

  • Ease of Usage

The automated dialing software is typically programmed to manage their accounts through software that is installed on their system or by means of a web browser. Our evaluation was based on how easy the software is to set up and use it in a browser.

  • CRM integration

We took a look at each software’s CRM integration because it saves the buyer a load of money and time as well as effort by automatically tracking call data and ensuring the promotion of efficient team collaboration.

  • Customer Support

An auto dialer should allow easy access to customer support and online documentation. The companies that we reviewed had to offer a combination of email, chat support, phone, online knowledge bases, and community forums.

  • Coaching and Training Development

Tools like Whisper, monitor and barge tool allow refinement of agent’s performance, improve quality assurance and enhance the onboarding experience. Thus, when evaluating the software, we kept in mind the coaching and training features they had to offer.

  • Call Analytics

The call analytics feature is necessary to get hands-on detailed reports like call volume, campaign success, caller demographics and a myriad other, so it was a crucial point to include in the overall analysis.

  • VoIP integration

Working with a user’s existing phone service to dial calls, the auto dialers perform their functions. Therefore, evaluation based on the dialer’s ability to easily integrate VoIP business phone systems was one of our key points.

Based on our research and keeping the above factors in mind, we were able to list out the following five auto dialer software that would be very suitable for small businesses in 2020.

  1. Chase Data

Chase Data is a top-notch auto dialer software program that offers automated dialing as a part of its call center package. It holds a reputation as one of the best cloud-based auto dialer solutions out there in the market, for its features like CRM integration and inbound call capability. The price range starts from 89 dollars per user a month, making Chase Data a good option for businesses that require inbound call center features with outbound auto-dialing at a cost that falls in the same category as other top-level auto-dialers out there in the market.

  1. VT dialer

VT dialer is second on our list. The software ensures the generation of sales and leads, especially but not only for companies whose day to day operations revolve around debt collection and voice broadcasting.  A differentiating characteristic of VT dialer is that it is built from scratch and sports a myriad of features like IVR broadcasting, live call transfer and automatic scheduling of outbound campaigns. Furthermore, VT dialer features a user-friendly agent portal where agent activity can easily be monitored, and performance can be optimized through an online dashboard. The user can import contact lists, add numbers in the DNC and monitor in real-time. The price range starts from 179 dollars a month.

  1. Five9

Five9 is another cloud-based contact center solution on our list that steers clear of the need for expensive gizmos to reach its potential. Being a cloud-based technology, agents can easily log in from anywhere on the planet where high-speed internet is accessible. Pricing plans start around 185 dollars per user per month, which evidently makes it an expensive option for the market. nevertheless, it is great for business which needs to steer clear of complex auto-dialing setups and solutions that require all their team located at the same location.

  1. Voicent

If you are one of the growing companies that want an auto dialer software platform with a menu of la carte choices, Voicent might be one of the best calls for you. Optional addons to the basic package comprise call center management software, workflow automation, inbound call center package and much more. furthermore, the price plans for 29 dollars per agent a month put Voicent on the list of good choices for companies looking for solutions that have a tendency to grow with them.

  1. Phone Burner

The Phone Burner’s characteristic feature is its flawless integration with HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zapier. With an open API, companies can put it to use to design their own software connections. Costing 149 dollars per user a month, phone burner makes an excellent choice for businesses relying heavily on CRM tools for effortless moving of interested prospects through the pipeline as well as cold calling leads.

Bottom line

Autodialer software is much more than just a program dialing a list of phone numbers. It has to connect calls to available agents, play prerecorded messages, integrate with CRM platforms and collect data to assist in the training of call center agents. Furthermore, good autodialer also needs to provide excellent customer support.

Like all other things, the best autodialer out there is the one that suits the needs of your business. Small businesses need comprehensive dialing solutions at a price that is competitive and in their range. Make sure to keep these facts in your mind while choosing the best one for you.

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